• To adopt a student-centred approach that provides ample opportunities for purposeful, integrative and creative use of English.
  • To provide opportunities for the integration and use of the generic skills through meaningful tasks and activities.
  • To increase students’ learning motivation and facilitate self-directed learning:
    -Promoting Reading across the Curriculum helps students to connect their learning experiences and broaden their knowledge.
    -Leveraging e-learning through the effective use of IT tools
  • To facilitate the development of information literacy and a ‘Reading across the Curriculum’ culture with both printed and electronic reading materials.
  • To maximize students’ exposure to a wide range of text types.
  • To enhance language learning through the flexible use of a variety of quality resources.
  • To promote ‘assessment as learning’ in addition to ‘assessment for learning’ so as to help students set goals, monitor, evaluate and reflect on their learning.




Guided Reading Programme

Two guided reading lessons each week are implemented in J.1-2 classrooms. Students are taught with different reading strategies and phonics skills in the lessons. To cater for learner diversity, small group reading is carried out with the NET and two English teachers in Language Room.


Extended reading

Raz-kids Reading Platform is purchased for J.1-2 students. A wide range of books are provided according to the students’ reading level. Students will be further exposed to various text types, and their literacy development will be more deeply enhanced.


Self-directed Learning / BYOD Programme

Various thinking tools, ‘4F’ strategies and metacognitive strategies are used in preparation tasks and extended learning tasks to deepen students’ higher order thinking skills.



To promote self-directed learning and motivate students to learn in interesting ways, a BYOD programme will be started in J.4 this year.



Building Confidence in Speaking

Students are provided with different chances to practise public speaking such as daily Weather Reports, News Commentary and Bible Storytelling during the morning assembly and Show and Tell in the classrooms.


Moreover, J.6 students are encouraged to share the latest news with their classes to raise their awareness of the current issues. Debating skills and group discussions are infused in the lessons withthe NET.


Constructive Feedback

After the lesson activities and writing tasks, students are used to doing self-editing and peer-editing in order to promote the positive learning atmosphere. Teachers also give concrete and constructive feedback to students in order to help them improve their work.


PEEGS Final Report


Activities Photo

 Choral Speaking


Show and Tell


Guided Reading Lessons


Lesson Activities


Little Weather Reporter


The Nativity Play



Drama Workshop


Scrabble Team


English Slogan Writing Competition


English Writing Competition


Read Out Loud Competition